Days Old Fawn Found on Memorial Day

by Editor on May 30, 2011

Deer Fawn Found on Memorial Day

Deer Fawn Found on Memorial Day

Deer Fawn

It came as both a delight and concern when we found you curled up beside a water spigot alone and deserted.  You didn’t even run away when we approached you, although your ears went back at the sound of approaching footsteps.

DEM told us not to worry about you.  They said that your mother probably ran off to distract prey away from you and would eventually be back for you when she felt it was safe.  Meanwhile, they said you have no scent to attract prey the first 15 days of your life, so you needed to just lie there motionless… and wait.

mother deer returns for fawn

mother deer returns for fawn

Amazing how very patient, still and trusting you were.  You laid in that very same secluded spot the entire day.  That night your Mom came back and took you away with her.   We were much relieved and very happy for you.

We were also touched by you.  You reminded us that if we are patient, still and faithful we can be found and saved during our darkest, loneliest hours.

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