Monuments & Markers

We offer upright monuments, benches, slant monuments and flush markers to lot owners of our cemetery.

Cemetery Guidelines for Monuments and Markers

Who Can Place Monuments and Markers on a Lot
In order to place a monument and / or marker on a lot you must be either Deeded or inherited / assigned the Deed to the lot or given permission to do so by same.

Placement of Monuments and Markers
One upright monument may be placed at the center rear of the lot. Grave markers that are flush to the ground (flush markers) may be placed on each grave. Up to three markers are allowed on a full-size space. Some SECTIONS within the cemetery only allow flush markers, such as infant only and single cremations only spaces.

Size and Dimensions Allowed
To determine the maximum size allowed, it is 2 feet in width for every space. For example, if you have two side-by-side full-size spaces, then you are allowed a monument up to 4 feet in width. Height is negotiable. We do not, however, allow statuary. The thickness of the die (top of monument) must be 8 inches or more.

Since each space is 2 feet in width, flush markers cannot exceed this width. We highly recommend that markers be at least 4 inches thick.

Stones Permitted
Granite is by far the best choice and is the stone that we offer to our lot owners. It is a very versatile hardy stone that comes in various shades of grey, red, pink, green, blue, white and black. Large boulder quartz and fieldstones are also allowed. Due to deterioration problems, slate and marble stones are prohibited.

Foundation Installation of Monuments and Markers
The foundation installation of all monuments and markers will be performed by the Cemetery prior to placing them on the lot. We are careful to match the color of the cement with the stone you have chosen. There is a flat fee for installing foundations for markers. The fee for installing the foundation and border for monuments is based on the size of the monument.

When Using Other Monument Dealers
Most monument dealers are aware they must send us a MONUMENT STATISTICS CARD with the type, color, size and dimension specifications of the monument or marker for both approval and foundation installation by the cemetery. This card can be sent to you or a monument dealer upon request. No monument or marker will be received by the cemetery until the foundation installation is done and the fee for same is paid by the purchaser.

Include an In-Ground Planter in Front of the Monument

In-Ground Planter In-Ground Planter

Consider having an in-ground planter for flower memorial displays put in at the same time the monument is installed to create a more cohesive look that ties-in nicely with the monument. Just like the monument border, the cement planter will match the color of the stone. In-ground planters can be added at any time.

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