Planning ahead now for eventual cemetery costs in the future will help give both you and your family peace of mind.   Our cemetery offers pre-need arranged plans for cemetery services which locks in the price at the time of purchase.   The more you have prearranged the less burden, emotionally and financially is laid upon surviving family members at the time of death.

In addition to selecting a lot, following are suggested cemetery services to include when making pre-planned arrangements:

  • Opening and Closing Costs for either in-ground burials or above-ground Niches
  • Grave liners for either full body or cremation in-ground burials
  • Selecting and setting up a Monument and/or Marker
  • Future Death Date engravings added on an existing monument upon the event of death
  • Perpetual Flower Memorial Displays for the lot.   See Flower Fund
  • Quidnessett Memorial Cemetery

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