Veterans Markers

Standard Government Markers

Your honorable Veteran is eligible to receive a free government marker.

Choices for Veterans Marker

Veterans Flat Bronze Marker

Veterans Flat Bronze Marker


2’ x 1’ bronze flat marker. Compliments certain colored upright Monuments on lot.

Veterans Grey Granite Marker

Veterans Grey Granite Marker


2’ x 1’ grey granite marker. Recommended to match grey granite upright monument on lot.

Veterans Matching Marker for Spouse

Veterans Matching Marker for Spouse


2’ x 1’ bronze or granite flat marker. Contact us if you want a matching marker for the Veteran’s spouse. Not provided by U.S. Government.

Either your funeral director or the cemetery can assist you with applying for a Standard Government Marker. All that is required is a completed APPLICATION FOR STANDARD GOVERNMENT MARKER and a copy of the deceased veteran’s discharge certificate (form DD Form 214 or equivalent).

The cemetery needs to receive both documents, as we must sign for the marker’s receipt as well as install the foundation for the marker on the lot. After we have signed the application, we will mail it to the Department of Veterans Affairs the same day.

If you cannot locate a Veteran’s discharge papers complete REQUEST PERTAINING TO MILITARY RECORDS SF 180 and mail it to the appropriate military branch as listed on page 2 of the application so you may obtain a duplicate discharge certificate.

The average time to receive a bronze marker is between 3 to 4 weeks. A grey granite marker takes a little longer – usually between 1 to 2 months.

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