Types of Engravings

Engravings on Monuments and Markers

Consider choosing a monument that will be able to fit all the potential names and dates of those who may be included on the lot. To avoid others from being unsure how you want your names and dates engraved on the monument, it is a good idea to have your names and birthdates (including the relationship to one another; e.g., “HIS WIFE”) engraved on the stone at the time of its placement on the lot—leaving only the death dates blank. It is also very common for the wife to have her maiden rather than married name placed under her husband’s name for genealogical purposes.

Choose engravings that best express your legacy for a lasting

Main Types of Engravings
Flat Carving Engraving

Flat Carving Engraving


A traditional carving method that is most frequently used and works great with any color monument.
Many available designs to choose from.
The most economical.

Flat Carving Engraving 2

Flat Carving Engraving 2

The Yankees emblem on the left was enhanced by
lithichrome stone paint for better contrast.
Laser Etching Engraving

Laser Etching Engraving


Any photo can be turned into an etching on granite.
There are numerous interesting scenes and designs available to choose from.
Black and red granites recommended for better contrast.

Shape Carved Engraving

Shape Carved Engraving


Engravings are sandblasted deeper into the stone to create more dimension and texture. Especially good for intricate floral designs.

Adding Engravings on Existing Monuments and Markers
The cemetery can add engravings on a monument or marker for you at any time. All cuttings are done on site —monuments and markers do not have to be removed; and are done to match the existing engravings.

Upon the event of death, the cemetery encourages adding the death date engravings on existing monuments and markers. The death date can also be prepaid along with other prepaid burial arrangements.

If you have a Columbarium niche, the year death date engravings and embossing will be done automatically for you.

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