Lot Selection

How to Choose a Lot

The best way to choose a lot is to consider the eventual needs of your family.  Decide who you would want included on the lot and, if possible, what type of burial they would prefer (“traditional” full body or cremation).  It is important to think this through at the time of purchase before adjacent spaces are purchased by others, making them unavailable to your family.

Our LOT SPACES provide burial-type flexibility and allow for monuments and flush markers as indicated.

In-Ground Spaces for “Traditional” (full body) Burial

If you choose “traditional” full body interment (burial) you will need a full-size space for interment. We offer:

  • Single Spaces
  • Side-by-Side Spaces
  • Front and Rear Spaces
  • Family Plots of 10 graves or more at 30% Discount
In-Ground Spaces

Family Plot

Family Plot

FAMILY PLOT (Front and Rear Spaces) – Sections 241 & 244

Ten full-size Spaces or more at 30% DISCOUNT!
One upright Monument at rear of lot and Flush Markers on Spaces

Full Size Spaces

Full Size Spaces

FULL SIZE SPACES (Single, Side by Side and Front & Rear)

Each Space accommodates one full burial plus up to four cremains. In lieu of a full body one space can hold six cremains.
One upright Monument at rear of lot and Flush Markers on Spaces

Cremation Only Spaces

Cremation Only Spaces


One cremains—Flush Marker only
Two cremains—Small upright Monument OK

Infant Spaces, Garden of Angels Section 109

Infant Spaces, Garden of Angels Section 109


Garden of Angels—Flush Marker only

Above-Ground Niches for Cremations

If you choose cremation you have the following options at Quidnessett Memorial Cemetery:

  • Interment (burial) into a full-size space
  • Interment into cremation only space (we offer both single and double cremation in-grounds spaces)
  • Inurnment into an above-ground Columbarium Niche (each Niche holds 2 cremation urns)
Above-Ground Niches
Our Columbarium NICHES hold up to two cremation urns.

Garden of Prayer Entrance, Section 31

Garden of Prayer Entrance, Section 31


Red Dakota Granite
Includes NAME-DATE engravings

Columbarium Section 300

Columbarium Section 300


Texas Rose Granite
Includes Bronze Plaque with NAME-DATE embossing

Choosing Memorials for Your Lot

The plot you choose will determine the type of memorials that can be placed on your lot.

Try to picture how you would want the lot to ultimately look.  Do you visualize an upright monument with everyone’s name on it?  Flush markers on each grave?  A bench instead of an upright monument?  Will you be entitled to a Veterans’ Standard Government Marker? Are there seasonal flowers growing in front of the monument?  Will there be anyone willing to keep up floral memorial displays or do you want the cemetery to handle this for you perpetually?  Would the lot be enhanced with a particular small evergreen, ornamental shrub or tree planted near your lot?    Whatever you picture will also help determine the lot that you choose.

For all in-ground spaces (with the exception of single cremains and infant only spaces which allow flush markers only)  you are allowed to add:

  • An upright monument or bench at the rear of your lot
  • Flush markers on each grave at the front of your lot
  • In-ground planters for memorial floral displays in front of your monument

Above-ground niches includes the embossing/engravings of the Names and Dates of the individuals who will be inurned.

Let Us Help You

We are here to support your vision and help you in any way that we can.

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